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Amanda Donnelly, Psychic, Rahanni Celestial Healer & Teacher

I am "Mandy" (Amanda Donnelly and I would like to welcome you to the Angelic Awareness TM Website. Angelic Awareness is a UK Registered Trademark TM.

I have always been interested in angels and spirituality. I was further greatly inspired by a book called Angel Inspiration by Diana Cooper which was given to me by my friend and psychic Sarah Jayne Atherton.

I was certified in learning Angelic Reiki in 2007 and undertook an Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma Course in May 2008.

In September 2008, I undertook Usui Reiki 1&2 training to gain an understanding of the Mikao Usui Reiki system.

In November 2008, I undertook my Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 Masters course. I have sat in on the 1&2 and 3&4 courses this year to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of Angelic Reiki prior to teaching, so that I can give my very best to pass this skill to students. When I taught my first group of students in April (2010), I saw an electric blue orb which I sensed as Archangel Michael. The high vibrational angelic energy was absolutely beyond my wildest dreams!

Further In January 2010, I became a level 1 Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner which was founded by Carol Stacey and means " Of One Heart" and is a gentle, yet effective therapy that heals very deeply at heart level. It may release negative energy and fears which accumulate from challenging experiences. Rahanni balances the masculine and feminine energies. It may bring deep rest to mind and body. I undertook my Teaching Course on 4th June 2010, so am now qualified to teach this wonderful new healing modality.

On 4th July 2010, I attended a Violet Flame course and have since created a Violet Flame Workshop of my own with attunements, a manual and certificate. You can teach this course to others if you wish.

On 4 September 2014, I became a Certified Angel Card Reader after participating in Doreen Virtue's Course.

On 17 January 2016, I undertook a Crystal Healing Course with Philip Permutt, The Crystal Healer.

I also studied Numerology on 6 March 2016 with Richard Abbott.  I now teach some Palmistry, Tarot and Numerology lessons on Zoom.

On 10 April 2016 I also received a Diploma for Indian Head Massage which is a wonderful therapy for relaxation, relief of anxiety, promotes a sense of wellbeing and improves circulation and condition of the hair and scalp.

Massage & Aromatherapy

These are deeply relaxing hands on treatments that can help with pain, deep relaxation, detoxification and restful sleep.

I am an Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner & Facilitator and can now give treatments and teach Access Bars® Practitioner courses.

Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more by un-creating limiting thoughts. You can then begin to unlock the space and possibilities of being you! Access Consciousness® allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. What is the Access Bars® Treatment? You are fully clothed and can relax on a therapy table. 32 points on the head are touched lightly.

What does a Bars session do? The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released by running the bars, the 32 pressure points and using clearing statements to help release this junk. Touching more than one Bar together begins to clear away all the negative points of view of those two Bars in relation to each other. So allowing change can create stress relief. At worst you may feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change for the better, with total ease, as you’ve undone limitation in many aspects of your life. I feel personally it can be a great manifestation tool.

Access Consciousness® was founded by Gary Douglas and he is assisted today by Dr Dan Heer. A Bars® session can run from 20 minutes to 90 minutes or longer. Children can run faster as they have less resistance than adults. Treatment prices start from £20 for 20 minutes, £30 for 30 minutes and £40 for 40 minutes.

You also can have an add on of an Access Bars® treatment after an Indian Head Massage or Swedish Body Massage to help the benefits of those treatments stay longer for an extra distressing process of the Access tools and clearing statements. The possibilities are endless - there are no limits to creating the possibility of a better future.

I can now teach the Access Bars® Class where you can become an Access Bars® Practitioner in 1 day, receive a manual, certificate and head charts, give paid sessions to others and create a business and host gifting and receiving days.   I am happy to teach 1-1 and if you require this, please contact me.  Groups can also be considered and travel to your home to teach, subject to cost and location is possible.  My next class is:-

Access Bars® Class

Luton LU2 (Venue disclosed on application)

Light Refreshments Provided

Manual Certificate & Head Charts

Your price £270

Repeat Class £135

How does it get any better than this?  

Call 07462859607 to register your interest and create a time and space.  

Payment confirms your booking. 

I can also undertake Aromatherapy Massage with pre-blended oils and Swedish Massage. All massages and healing treatments are subject to consultation. It is important to mention if you have a nut allergy or any other allergies or illnesses as this may affect being able to undertake the treatment. This can be done over the telephone, but is best done a day or two before so that medical information is up to date, as you will be asked to sign a form and list any illnesses. Please do not drink alcohol before or after a treatment as it can have an adverse reaction with aromatherapy oils. Also, with massage you can experience some detoxing symptoms, so herb teas and a light meal is more appropriate.

Please do not book a massage or any other healing therapy to be sexually inappropriate with the therapist. You will be asked to leave and the police will be called. Further, you will not be refunded. This is a strictly professional service only and there is a zero tolerance to this kind of behaviour.

Further, you will need to make an appointment and consultation over the telephone to book a massage, so that I can arrange for my shop to be covered. Please do telephone if you are unable to keep your appointment as somebody else may need a healing treatment. Failure to telephone could result in a future appointment not being offered.

I have always been intuitive, have had intuitive dreams and also some things that I have said one minute, would happen the next! Whilst on my Angel Healing Practitioner course, I discovered I could give angel guidance readings, with automatic written guidance from angels, unicorns, saints and ascended masters who assist me with the reading, giving a deeply spiritual, and uplifting reading. The feedback I received was amazing.

Also, I have started to draw beautiful etheric pictures of people's guardian angels (angelic guidance drawing)!

I have found that by invoking specific archangels, saints and ascended masters to assist me in everyday life, that they can and do help. It is not wrong to ask Angels for help as they are extensions of the divine creator and pure beings of light created to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. The word angel means messenger. They deliver prayers to God and God's answers and other messages to humans. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other angels at any given time. Angels are waiting to be asked! Try it and see! Angels can assist if we, or our loved ones need protection, relationship harmony, parking spaces or safe travel or want to avoid delays. If the answer is no, then it may not be for your highest good or is divinely timed or it may be the divine heavenly realms protecting you or trying to guide you to something much better which you cannot yet see on the horizon.

I also work under the spiritual laws of attraction and I believe that with positive affirmations, intentions for your highest good, belief, kind words, deeds, charity, faith and gratitude, you may have the power to change your life. Like attracts like!

I am very pleased to announce that the Angelic Awareness ishop s situated at 53 Market Hall, The Mall, Luton, LU1 2TB.  The shop is open from 9-5pm Monday to Saturday.  During lockdown it is possible to deliver or post items and readings can be done over the telephone.

I am at present undertaking the following treatments at the shop and at home for friends and family subject to COVID track trace.

Angel Tarot Readings £1.00 per min - £10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £30.00, £40.00 (over 18's only). Numerology is included in 20, 30 and 40 min readings. Palmistry Face to Face. Facetime readings are possible.  Please book an appointment.

I teach tarot courses, with some palmistry, numerology and a free pack of cards.  £220 for one day.  Tarot Lessons £50 per hour.

Crystal Healing £30.00 for 30 minutes. Please allow up to 45 mins

Indian Head Massage - £44 - allow up to 45 mins or can be shortened to £22.00

Rahanni Celestial Healing - £30.00 for 30 minutes - please allow up to 45 mins

Massage 60 mins approx. £55.00

Massage & Face Massage 1 hour 15 mins approx. £80.00

Aromatherapy 45 mins to 1 hour £44.00

Access Bars  £20 for 20 minutes £30 for 30 minutes and £40 for 40 minutes and so on.  Call 07462859607 to book. Over 18s

Please call me on 07462859607 if the shutter is down and leave a message as I may be undertaking a treatment or on a short break. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Telephone readings are available by Zoom or Whats app or by phone are available by appointment if you cannot get to the shop. Please make a mutually convenient appointment for the reading and telephone me.  Prices are £1 per minute.  I can also do Whats app audio with pictures of the cards.  2 questions for £5.00 and £10 for 5 questions.

Angelic Awareness also sells spiritual gifts such as angel/tarot cards, crystals, specialist incense, Native American dream catchers, second hand spiritual books, candles, some essential oils, pendulums smudge sticks, and many other benevolent spiritual gifts, especially unique handmade items by local spiritual artists are welcomed on a sale/return basis subject to space. If you require any goods which are not currently stocked, it may be possible to order but expensive items may require a deposit. It may be possible to post an item if you are unable to get to the shop, but postage fees may apply. There is now an online store on the Contact Us & Shop Links page where you can purchase crystals, incense and spiritual gifts. New products are added weekly!

DISCLAIMER : Angelic Awareness:

Whilst we have every faith and belief in our work, we make no guarantee or medical diagnosis. Under U.K. Law, Angel Guidance Readings are deemed to be for guidance purposes only. We take no responsibility as a result of any decisions you make as a result of a reading. Meditations, Healing treatments, Workshops and Angel Guidance Readings cannot be given to anyone under 18 without parental consent. You may experience a short period of "clearing" i.e. releasing emotions if undertaking healing/courses or meditation as karma is transmuted. Angelic Awareness has the right to refuse a client if I cannot help them or refer them elsewhere if appropriate. 

All Rights Reserved © Amanda Donnelly 2016