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Amanda Donnelly, Psychic, Rahanni Celestial Healer & Teacher

Angelic Readings/Events (with Amanda):

Angelic Oracle Cards & Tarot Card Readings

Whilst conducting an angelic guidance oracle card reading, I connect with angels, saints, ascended masters and unicorns using clairaudience (psychic hearing) to find out which angels are with you and the angelic guidance they wish you to receive at this time. I can also use automatic writing from angels (under the protection of Archangel Michael) whilst conducting the reading. I can combine different decks of angel cards and crystals to give a more in depth reading. Archangel, Ascended Master, Indigo, Goddess, Fairy, Life Purpose, Power Animal, Mermaid & Dolphin, Angels of Atlantis and Rahanni Celestial Healing Readings are also available. Angelic Guidance Readings are positive and more spiritually intuitive rather than predictive. For as you follow angelic guidance, your vibration may be raised and attract a different or better outcome for your highest good and true heart's desire. All readings can be done by post, phone in person or by email. I can do readings and treatments at our shop in Luton during the day and during evenings and weekends in Luton but can travel to Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas subject to location and travel charges. Price are £1.00 per min, £10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £30.00 and £40.00. Readings over 20 minutes include numerology.

Angel Tarot Card Readings - Beautiful and very accurate cards.

Angelic Heart/Soul Purpose Reading

This is a beautiful reading that gives guidance to help you understand your heart/soul and life purpose and gives guidance on how you may achieve this. The cards used for this type of reading are Angela McGerr's Heart & Soul Angel cards which are extremely beautiful. Two Cards are picked for your heart purpose and two cards for your soul purpose.

Unicorn Readings

Unicorns are beautiful white mystical horses of the angelic realms and were present in Atlantis, but during the fall of Atlantis they withdrew. Just as many angels are connecting with the earth to raise the vibration of the planet for the ascension in 2012, the unicorns are similarly assisting by returning to the earth to re-learn life's lessons so that they can ascend. You will know if a unicorn reading is for you as you will feel drawn to them. Their guidance

may help resolve karmic/soul issues as you follow their guidance. Whilst they do not make predictions, they may grant wishes as you make decisions at a higher level which may be life changing. I connected with a unicorn whilst channelling angels during a distant

multidimensional angelic reiki treatment. The unicorn wanted to assist alongside the angels, sending healing through its magical horn! Later that day, I saw Diana Cooper's beautiful unicorn cards in a shop and I felt inspired to purchase them as I felt the unicorns wanted me to offer their guidance to assist others. You can ask a question to the unicorns, but it is better if you just trust their soul guidance instead as your future can change as your vibration is raised, attracting a different outcome for your highest good.

I am unable to conduct readings for under 18's unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Angel Meditations and Workshops

I can give guided meditations which may help you to meet/sense your guardian angel, dolphin sea meditation, Seven Archangel chakra energising meditation which I have written, together with many other wonderful meditations. Sacred Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Meditation Workshops are also available which may help with abundance, to open your heart, remove obstacles, tone the chakras, bring inner peace and send out a high vibration to the all (universe). You can listen to the chanting while meditating or join in the chanting. Individual meditations are also available by appointment. Please try to arrive on time wherever possible, but preferably not more than half an hour before as I need time to set up the workshop. Payment must be in cleared funds 3 days before the workshop. Refunds only in exceptional circumstances.

Access Bars® Class

10.00am - 5.30pm

4 July 2021

Luton LU2 (Venue disclosed on application)

Light Refreshments Provided

Your price £270 

Repeat Class £135

Tarot Workshop

Available and split into lessons on Zoom 

Upcoming Dates 


10.00pm - 17.00pm

My Tips And What I Continue To Practice

Practice Reading for Friends/Family or Professionally

No Prior Experience Needed

Suitable For Beginners Or To Boost Existing Tarot Reader Knowledge

Tarot History

Learn To Read Tarot Cards Intuitively

Palmistry Lesson

Numerology Lesson

Modiano Playing Card Lesson Divination

Using a Pendulum and Board




Venue: Luton Town Centre - Private Residence - disclosed on application

Abundance £170.00 in a group or £202 for a 1-1)

(free pack of Tarot Cards


Pendulum & Board

Modiano Cards

Light Refreshments Provided - please advise of allergens

Rahanni Celestial Healing Course Practitioner Level 1 (1 day)

Upcoming Dates


10.00 - 17.00 - Luton

£170.00 for a group/per person or £202 for a 1-1

Framed Certificate, Manual and lunch provided

Deposit £50.00 7 days prior to the course

Full payment in cleared funds before the course starts

Full Payment Card Payments Can Be Made At The Shop 3 Working days before

Or the rest cash on the morning of the workshop

Venue - Luton Town Centre - disclosed on application

See my page on Rahanni for more details


Angel Workshop

What Are Angels

How To Sense Angels

Angelic Realms

Invoking Angels For Specific Purposes

Meditation To Sense and Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Emotional Cord Cutting And Vacuuming/Shielding

Angelic Guidance And Intuition

Writing To Yours Or Someone Else's Angel

Learn How To Give An Angel Card Reading

Insurance/Websites/Business Cards

Abundance £53.00

(free pack of Angel Cards)

Rushmere County Park Leighton Buzzard - Weather Permitting,

if not Luton Town Private - venue disclosed on application

Bring & Share Picnic

This is a wonderful day outdoors, there is a panoramic café with WC in the park!

Angel & Ascension Meditation Workshop

Upcoming Dates TBC

Angel Ascension Meditation

Practice Reading Angel Cards

Jewellery Making

Crystal Scrying/Free Crystal

Light Refreshments Provided

Abundance £22.00


Meditation To Connect With Your Dolphin Guide

Free pack of Mermaids & Dolphin Cards

Learn about Dolphins

Dolphin Sea Guardian Angel Meditation

Practice Reading A Dolphin Oracle Card For Yourself/Others

Free Crystal/Crystal Reading

Rushmere County Park, Leighton Buzzard

Bring and Share Food

Abundance £26.00

Light Refreshments Provided

10.00 to 1.30pm


Magical Unicorns Workshop

Free pack of Unicorn Cards

Learn About Unicorns

Two Beautiful Guided Meditations To Connect With Your Unicorn Guides

Read A Unicorn Oracle Card For Yourself

Quartz Crystal Supplied To Be Charged With Unicorn Energy

Rushmere County Park, Leighton Buzzard

10.00am 14.00pm

Abundance £30.00

Light Refreshments Provided

Host a Party - Receive Free And Half Price Products

NYR Organic Products

Bee Friendly Products

Ethically Farmed

Fair trade

No nasties

Paraban Free

You can order products from:

Please arrive as on time as you can be for the workshop to ensue we can all start and end on time and a degree of emotional discipline is required for spiritual work, although there will be flexibility sometimes, I am guided to stay within  my time limits in case you have to be somewhere.

Some of the format for indoor workshops will be as follows:

Burning Pot - burning sage/incense or Epsom salt with rubbing alcohol (indoor only)

Unifying Group Energy - Holding Hands

Usual wording/format Establishing Ascension Column etc


Three Oms

Reading from Ascension books - you do not have to read, can just say pass.

Ascension Meditation and Treatment (Long)


Another meditation (if submitted), if not we can choose an ascension meditation.


Oracle Card Readings

Jewellery Making with angelic guidance

Closing a class session

Usual format for opening - Ascension Column ect

Removing the core Fear Matrix

Infusing Core and Love of Christ Buddha Qualities

Invoking a Golden Cylinder

Prayers of Protection for self/others to hold and retain energies/grounding

Three Oms

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Burning Pot

I will take overall responsibility for facilitating the workshops, then attendees, if they wish can participate in readings, not obligatory, in the first workshop and in future workshops to bring their meditations, prayers, participate in some of the opening and closing of the workshops, so that they can teach similar workshops if they wish to help others to achieve ascension.

Please let me know if you wish bring any material to be shared so that I can re-format times/prices if the workshops become longer in future, if necessary. Please bring any crystals with you as you wish.

During sharing, I would ask that a person finishes before any cross-sharing as important information can be missed in this way.

Please let me know at the earliest opportunity if you are attending.

Refreshments will be provided.

Violet Flame Workshop


The violet flame was used in Atlantis to assist with relationship harmony, remove negativity and purify situations and could be directed on any part of the body to assist with healing. The Violet Flame can also be used to transmute negativity and karmic debts into light.

The violet flame was sadly misused and then only made available to a select few. On 16 August 1987, so many light workers prayed for its return that St Germain, went to the source and asked for it to be made available to everyone and it was reinstated.

I have created a Violet Flame Workshop which includes attunements, a manual and certificate. A free amethyst crystal will also be supplied. You could also teach this workshop to others if you wish. The workshop can be taught one to one or in a group. However, a group is more powerful. It is not taught distantly. This course is suitable for anyone, but can be used additionally by healers to assist in personal healing, clients or world healing. It is not a substitute for medical treatment. You may experience a short period of "clearing" such as feeling some emotions as karma is transmuted. It is taught over a half day from 11.30 to 3.30pm, on a Saturday by prior arrangement. Light refreshments will be provided. Area: Leighton Buzzard. Abundance £44.00.

Please confirm which day you would like to attend as workshops get booked up quickly!

You can also book a guided meditation individually in addition to an Angel Guidance Card reading or Rahanni Celestial Healing treatment for an additional price of £11.00.

NB: Whilst meditation is usually positive and uplifting, it is a mind altering state. It is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment for any illness or ailments. It is possible you may experience a "clearing" such as a short period of emotional release as karma is transmuted and you progress spiritually. If you are on any mind altering substances medical or otherwise, please consult with your doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist before undertaking a meditation workshop.

Cancellation Policy:

Please give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a treatment or workshop wherever possible. A deposit is required for a day workshop placement. If 24 hours notice is given a deposit can be transferred to the same or another workshop on a different date or may be refundable under exceptional circumstances.  If a reading is not cancelled and a no show, the full price of the reading is chargeable.

Angelic Drawings

How would you like to have your very own beautiful etheric picture of your guardian angel, together with a reading? See the Angelic Drawings page for details!

Distant Healing & Prayers

Please email or write to me with the person's name and I will add them to my Rahanni Celestial Healing distant treatment sessions and prayer list. This service is free and you stay on the list for 3 sessions and is helpful if you are unable to see me in person! You can make a donation if you wish though - as there is an exchange of energy during healing and the donation will balance the law of giving and receiving and fund further research. Animals can also be added to the list, but owner's consent is needed. Please do let me have any feedback.


Had a wonderful attunement to Rahanni Celestial Healing with Amanda. Rahanni works on the pink ray of love, and with Amanda's gentle loving energy, I could not think of anyone better to do my attunement with. The day was enjoyable and educational, I feel I learnt a lot about myself as well. So if you're looking for a loving gentle way of healing I would highly recommend Rahanni with Amanda. Namaste x, Andrea, Leighton Buzzard~

~Thank you for the reading you did for me. It was insightful and accurate in a lot of instances~

~Thank you so much for the beautiful angel reading you sent me! It resonated so deeply with me~

~Thank you so much for the reading. You are very perceptive and this is very helpful to me~

~This reading is absolutely amazing!!! I am most impressed~

~Thank you so much for your unicorn reading. I certainly feel a lot better and appreciate the healing process~

~Thank you SO much for the beautiful unicorn reading! It was absolutely amazing! All in all, a beautiful and inspiring reading definitely channelled from the higher realms and through the unicorn guides. I really wouldn't hesitate in recommending you completely for any and all types of readings and guidance, because it really has helped me to hear the messages of light which are a true inspiration from spirit!~

~Thank you very much for the wonderful Unicorn workshop on Saturday, it really was a magical experience. I felt a deep connection with the Unicorns during each of the beautiful meditations and I am now confident in reading Unicorn cards. You have a natural way of passing this information on which puts everyone at their ease and it was lovely to be able to share our experiences and feel protected and supported in a relaxed environment. I will definitely recommend this workshop, Love and light, Tina, Bucks~

~I had a Rahanni Celestial healing with Amanda on Sunday 30 May. Before I had the treatment I was feeling a little tired and rushed. When Amanda started the treatment I had a lovely warmth on my crown chakra, I also felt tingling in my heart, as though my heart was gently moving which was a really nice sensation. I saw a lot of glittery colours deep greens, pinks, purples and blues. As the treatment progressed I felt more and more peaceful, so relaxed as if I was sinking into the treatment couch, and also felt light and weightless at the same time - a lovely feeling. I also felt like time had really slowed down, and I had a sensation of the pink energy twirling throughout my body. After the treatment I felt incredibly peaceful and much more loving and my heart centre had really opened. Also since the treatment I've felt more patient, calm and accepting. Rahanni Celestial healing is beautiful and Amanda is a beautiful channel. Nicky, Bucks~

~The healing work I have received from and through Amanda has been deeply transformational and liberating. For someone like myself I rely on Amanda's ability to free my energy of all that is no longer required. The healing allows me to feel safe and trusting of all that comes. Her connection with the angels and archangels is pure and I feel held and heard on a deep level within my being that is hard to put into words. Women like me need support to hold a resonance of appreciation and joy for ourselves and the planet and our children and I have found with Amanda's work that a self love is flourishing that nourishes others and teaches others to respect themselves and ultimately myself. I deeply recommend her work to all who feel touched by her compassion humility and caring as she touched me in a time in my life and when no one was there she was and for that in my heart she will never be forgotten. Shannon, Welling~


With special thanks to the Divine Creator, the Christ, the Angelic Kingdom of Light, Angela McGerr, Pattie Greenberg, Michael Kauffman, my mum and dad, my friend Sarah Jayne Atherton, Diana Cooper, Doreen Virtue, Carol Stacey and Esther Hackett.

~Love is the way in which I Walk In Gratitude~

DISCLAIMER : Angelic Awareness:

Whilst we have every faith and belief in our work, we make no guarantee or medical diagnosis. Under U.K. Law, Angel Guidance Readings are deemed to be for guidance purposes only. We take no responsibility as a result of any decisions you make as a result of a reading. Meditations, Healing treatments, Workshops and Angel Guidance Readings cannot be given to anyone under 18 without parental consent. You may experience a short period of "clearing" i.e. releasing emotions if undertaking healing/courses or meditation as karma is transmuted. Angelic Awareness has the right to refuse a client if I cannot help them or refer them elsewhere if appropriate. 

All Rights Reserved © Amanda Donnelly 2016